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Good morning,boys and girls. Sit down please. Nice to see you again. Do you still remember me? Yes. You know I’m Miss V. We are old friends. Miss V is your English teacher today again. But actually you don't know much about me.





Activity 1: Get to know


Do you want to know more about me? Now, boys and girls. Look, this is beautiful Miss V. If you want to know something about me, I'll show you some key words. Okay? With these key words, you can say something about me.

The first key word:Three. Do I look like thirty? Actually, let me tell you a secret. That's about three. I have a baby. He is three.

The next one: shopping. Miss V likes shopping. I like shopping very much. Does your mom like shopping? How often does your mom go shopping?(评价Maybe your mom is rich.)

Sports. What sports do I like doing?

Skating? I don't like skating. I think it's difficult for me.

Running? Running is tired.

Swimming? Swimming can make our body healthy.

Any other ideas? Badminton?Just so so. Volleyball? Difficult. Do you think so?Okay, I'll share with you. I like this sport very much.Boxing, because I'm very strong. I have muscles. All right.

The last one is reading. What am I reading? Miss V likes reading. Do you like reading?



Activity 2: Let’s Chant

凭据要津词reading,引出绘本Who’s who at school?参加本节课的主题Job学习。看图片,打着节律,全部说唱。

Miss V likes reading this book. Do you still remember this book? Who's who at school? What is the picture about? It's about......Not maybe, it's definitely. It's about the jobs. Yes or no. Here are many jobs in this book? Do you remember these jobs? Good. Let's review the book.

This time, we’ll review the book with the chant. Okay? Listen.

When I say: who's who at school? You say: A teacher is at school. With some beats. Show me your hands. Very good. Let's go.

Who's who at school? A teacher is at school.

Who's who at school? A student is at school.

Who's who at school? A cleaner is at school.

Who's who at school? A nurse is at school.

Ok, big hands for yourselves. I think you're good at rapping. Very good job.

So you remember these jobs, teachers, students, cleaner and nurse. That's right. These jobs are in the picture. Do you know any other jobs? Yes.



Activity 3:Let’s play 


Let's play a game about jobs. Here is a job. The name is called Still Images. And here are the rules.I need four of you to think about four jobs and come to the front to make a post. So when we hear three, two, one, freeze, you just don't move. And the rest of you guys, you gonna ask and answer, you can ask: what does he/ she do? and answer is like: he or she is a......Ten seconds for you to think. Who wants to come here? You four come here and stand in a row. Who can ask and answer? Actually big hands for them.

Boys and girls, you know some of jobs.





Activity 1: Look and say

看图片,了解基本图片信息: Who are they? They are talking about jobs.

Look, who are they? Yes. Su Hai and Mike. They are talking about jobs. Okay, so here comes the question.Look at this picture and can you guess: what jobs are they talking about? Only Mike's parents job.Talk together.Whose job? Yes, Su Hai’s parents jobs. Actually, you're right.


Activity 2: Listen and tick out the jobs

听并勾出所听到的业绩。What jobs are they talking about?

What jobs are they talking about? Here is a question. Boys and girls, let's listen and tick out the jobs you hear. Understand? Just listen carefully. Okay, that's the story. What jobs did you hear?

Doctor, follow me. A doctor. Any more? Writer, follow me. A writer.

And a teacher. A worker. That's right. Okay, thank you. Sit down, please. You're right.


Activity 3: Let’s match

咱们知说念是父母的使命,是以What jobs do they have? 读故事,了解Mike’s parents jobs and Su Nan’s parents jobs,然后将图片和业绩匹配起来。

So, lots of jobs in the story. But we know these are parents jobs. Look, Su Hai’s parents and Mike's parents. We got four jobs here.

So what jobs do they have? Is Su Hai’s father worker or....? This time, let's read story quickly and match with them. Understand?

Take out your story and read. Go. Okay.

let's stop here. So boys and girls, I think they're not difficult, right? Who can tell me your answers? This is Mike's father. Exactly. Su Hai’s father, mother and Mike's father, mother.


Activity 4: Let’s find

咱们只知说念他们的使命,But what do they do?看Mike的爸爸,他是又名考验。关联词他作念什么呢?找出要津词薪金。他教英语,关联词他在何处使命呢?通过阅读手段,学生推测谜底。重心训诲学习标准,找不到谜底时,不错通过推测文本得出谜底。你想成为本分吗?为什么想成为本分?学生以为本分cool并诠释根由。学生以为本分松驰,诠释根由。同期,本分引出busy并诠释根由。不雅点抒发论据很富饶。

We know their jobs, but here comes the question. We only know their jobs: writer, teacher, worker, and doctor.But what do they do?Exactly.For example, let's take a look at Mike's father. We know Mike's father is a teacher. So please look here. What does his father do? Can you give me some key words?

What key words can you get? Teaches English(板书). That is the key word. I’ll Put here and write down the key words. Mike's father teaches English. That is a key word. Understand?

And we know Mike’s father teaches English. So look, here comes another question. Where does he work? What about your answer?In the school? Yes, no, how do you know that? We don't have answers here. How do you know that?

Now tips:Sometimes we cannot get information with words, but we can infer more information from the world. So we know Mike's father works in the school. He is a teacher, right?

Do you want to be a teacher?Really? Why do you want to be a teacher?So you think the teacher is very cool. I like this word. So I write down. The teacher is cool. (板书)Do you think I'm cool? Because I have lot of students. Maybe I can speak a lot of fluent English.That's also very cool.

Any idea? Why do you want to be a teacher? That is true. Teachers have some long summer holiday and also winter holiday. There are two long holidays in a year, so you think teacher is very easy, very relax. You think it's relaxing. No.But why?I'm so touched. That is the truth. Being a teacher means you have seen trouble students. You have to spend lots of time on that students. Teacher has long holiday.Maybe some were relaxing, but actually let me tell you.We are very very busy during the term. Actually, we work eleven hours every day. We were very busy, but we make you and your parents very happy.That's about Mike’s father, the teacher.



Activity 5: Let’s find

本分从What job,What to do,where to work以及why to want to be四方面训诲了Mike’s father. 接下来学生小组有计划,自主阅读发现Mike’s mother以及Su Hai’s father, mother谜底,体现以学生为中心课堂理念,深度培养学生善于动脑以及配合探究才调。同期,派遣教授活动有脉络性,最初.....,然后......这么学生更能显著本分的活动如何实施。

Now what about the others? What do they do? Boys and girls, this time let's read the story again and then circle the key words. Understand? like this: teach English.

Have you finished? So next step:you gonna work in your group. Group of six and try to write down key words on the cards.Use your Marker pen to write. You all finish writing. It's easy. It's not difficult for you. Now let's check your answer. Okay?

Look! For Mike’s mother. Su Hai’s mother is a writer. What does she do? She writes stories(板书). Look, here's the key words. Here, in the school. Where does she work? That's easy. Tell me together. At home. Got it in this story. She works at home(板书).That's about Mike's mother. 

Let's take a look at Su Hai’s father.He is a doctor. He helps sick people. That is the key word. And where does he work? In the hospital(板书). Good. You see the doctors are in the hospital. What do you think of doctors? Busy. Yes, you got this world. Tired. Many sick people every day. Have you ever been to the hospital ? You're very strong boy. Actually, I think everyone of you has been to hospital once. When you go to the hospital, um, you see there are lots of people over there every day. Lots of sick people every day. We see doctors are very tired and busy. They work for a long time. Doctor is busy and tired. Anything else? What do you think of doctors? Brave. I like this words. When 2019 novel coronavirus comes, we stay at home. Who goes out to work? Always doctors. All the doctors go out.They work there to fight with disease. They are so brave. Very good.And I also think doctors are very helpful. I think they are very very helpful. They help a lot of sick people. So much for this one.

What about Su Hai’s mother? She is a worker. She makes sweets(板书). That's right. Where does she work? In a factory(板书).Exactly. She actually is a factory worker . That’s so much about the story time. We know they have different jobs. 

Now this time, boys and girls, let's follow the tape and try to read the story. Let's go. Okay, very good.They are four jobs in the story.







Activity 1: Let’s read


Now this time, boys and girls, let's follow the tape and try to read the story. Let's go. Okay, very good.They are four jobs in the story.


Activity 2: Let’s talk


Okay, look! I have a lot of adjectives here. Helpful, hardworking, busy, great, tired,dangerous, interesting, cool. We also got these objectives. Now, boys and girls. I need you to think about these four jobs .And choose one job and think of these objectives. Try to describe it. Remember, you have to tell me the reason. I think..... because...... Understand? For example, let me show you an example for you.

I think doctors are very dangerous because just like the boy said,when 2019 novel coronavirus comes, we stay at home, but they go out to work. They fight with the virus to keep us safe, to keep us healthy. They are very great. They are very brave.Ok. Now it's your time.What do you think of these jobs? Choose one adjective.

Some of doctors work 23 hours. How many hours do we have in a day?24 hours. They work for 23 hours. That is very very tired. We should thank and respect them.

Any other jobs do you want to talk? Tell me again. What do you think of workers? Busy. Any idea about workers? They are important. 


Activity 3: Let’s PK

组长抽签,每组为一个业绩代言,小组有计划,说说你的根由。用 I am...../I think my job is very important because......... /I can......抒发。

Do you think of four jobs? Which one is very important? You think worker is very important. Do you have any ideas? You have different ideas. Let's have a PK.

Look.I need you to work in a group. And each of group come here and take one this or that to stand for one job. (小手教具,一个小手代表一个业绩)

Discuss one in your group. You can talk just like this:I am...../I think my job is very important because......... /I can...... Group leader, come here. Now, go and discuss.

Okay, time’s up. Let's stop here. So what's your idea? First one, who wants to want to be the first one? What job do you have? I agree with you.

What's your idea? Different ideas? So, boys and girls. Every job is very important. That's what we have learned today.Today we have learned about four jobs. Actually in the world,there are many other jobs. 







Activity 1: Let’s complete

完成Picture book剩下的页面,评述更多的业绩,有计划并写一写。本分先示范,学生有计划并写一写,再展示。

Do you remember this picture book? Before the class, we read the part of the picture book. We have some pages.We still have three pages to finish it. How to finish this picture book?How to read about one job?Let me show you.Look at this picture.She is librarian. Where is librarian? Can you answer like this: A librarian is in the library and here comes the reasons. The librarian keeps the books clean and tidy.He is helpful. Do you understand? You have to write down: What does he do?Where does he work? And write down like this:helpful. Look! The three pages. Every group you should work together and try to write it down. Finish the picture book. Understand?  

Boys and girls, most of you have finished. Who wants to share? What job does he write? Thank you for sharing. Big hand for him. Any different jobs? We don't have much time to share your writing, but you can share after class. 








Boys and girls, we talked about jobs today and we learned about jobs. Here comes the last question. What is job? That's a difficult question. Let me tell you. What is job? Job can bring us food. Your family,your parents,they work for a job to earn some money. Money can bring us food. Have a job, we make a living. Job can bring us joy. So love your job and follow your heart.

Job means obligation, like he said.So try our best and try to build a better world. Every job is very important. Every job can build a better job. So boys and girls, joy, food, obligation,they make a job.










That’s so much for today's lesson. Do you want to know more about jobs? Yes, if you're interested, try to read more books about it. So look, here are many picture books. After class, you are interested to go and find out and have a look. That's all for our today's lesson. It's time to say goodbye.




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4.主题升华。What is job?学生更好的了解使命的意旨以及使命的价值。